H & H Roofing Confidence Guarantee

5 Star Confidence Guarantee

  • Any full roof replacement completed by H&H falls under this guarantee
  • Any work installed by H&H employee or H&H Sub will be covered
  • H&H will handle all expenses related to the repair
  • If a leak occurs from H&H workmanship H&H will pay for interior damage
  • This is transferable to new homeowners if property is sold before 5 year is over

Not included:

  • Damage to the project that are caused by element and nature including but not limited to: ice, hail, fallen trees or branches, high wind, snow, lightening, ect.
  • Damage caused by improper ventilation, draining inadequacies, pooling of water, or ice build up
  • Any damages caused by other contractors
  • Damage that arises from normal weathering, settling, or accidents
  • Color variations in the shingles due to fading and manufacture color lots, defects
  • This is not to replace shingle manufacturer warranty or insurance coverage. This is a guarantee for H&H craftsmanship.